Visibly Fit™  |  Coaching 1:1

You breakthrough! You see results! You get healthy! 

MYTH:  Coaching is for people who can't 
succeed on their own, right? 

TRUTH:  Even coaches hire coaches! 

Coaches Bring

>> NEW perspective
>> FRESH ideas
>>  HELPFUL tools
>>  LOVING guidance
>>  ENCOURAGING accountability 

...for even greater success!


WHAT IF  ...I told you that you could breakthrough the barriers that have been keeping you stuck for years?  Keeping you from being the best version of yourself?

Would you be ready and willing to bust through with me?


DISCLAIMER:  If you're looking for a quick-fix solution to lose weight fast then Visibly Fit™ is NOT for you! Don’t waste your time here! BUT, if you desire simple, easy and doable tools that give lasting results, then you will want to read more. 

Visibly Fit™ is a fitness and wellness lifestyle that offers lasting results – mind, body, and spirit. The body will only go where the mind and spirit direct it! So, focusing on all areas of life is vital in order to get in alignment with your best, healthy self.

The emotional and/or physical pain you’re feeling doesn't have to be your story any longer. You'll learn to release the fear, self-doubt, anxiety, and overwhelm of what "change" really means.

When working with me, you can and will experience change!



Belief is accepting something that is true. Admitting where you are currently and how you got there. It can "feel" a little scary at first, but when trust in the foundation along with me (your coach), then the "how" establishes itself right before your very eyes! 

I can help you see through the layered years of lies, fear, doubt, resentment, anger or whatever is keeping you paralyzed from becoming the person you were created to be! 

 It's time - It's YOUR time to become Visibly Fit™ mind, body, and spirit! 


Have you ever pictured your life different than it is now? I hear your disappointment and discouragement behind every word you say—the ones that play in your mind are like a broken tape playing...over and over again.

That same self-sabotaging voice that keeps you at your current weight, in an unhealthy relationship, struggling financially, and constantly living a life vicariously through others. You know what I'm talking about...on social media, through your favorite TV show, or through the lives of your family and friends.  It's time for you to live the life you were purposed for! 

I'm here to tell you that you, too, can have the life that you deserve. But, you must have clear defined goals and a way to obtain them. Oh good...that's where I come in again as your trusted partner! 

You'll walk away dreaming bigger and believing bigger! Not sure of the "how"? Well, it goes back to the belief and trust. The vision we lay out together during our coaching time will be embedded in your mind and heart.

Success follows an active clear vision. A vision is vital - those without a vision perish! This includes a vision of your health and well-being. It's a process...A Vital Discovery Process! One that we'll do together. 

Change isn't only's within your grasp! 


We will get to the heart of why you "can't" and the excuses of "too busy." I get it...we all are in different seasons of life and have different jobs, activities, and responsibilities. BUT..we all have the same 24 hours in a day!

The good news is that I'll show you how to maximize your day and your workouts so that it works within your schedule and promises results! I mean, that's what you're after...right? RESULTS!!! 

You will learn how to release the weight AND the emotions attached to the weight!   You will discover that God gave you everything you need to be healthy, whole, and complete – you just need to know how to use it.

That includes understanding that Your Body IS Your Gym™! No equipment or gym membership ever required! By using slow-controlled tension/resistance movements (along the lines of  -  “moving isometrics”) your body will shed fat and replace with strong, lean muscle without ever compromising the joints, tendons, or ligaments.

Perfect for anyone of any age and any athletic ability.  From age 3-103…Visibly Fit™ Works! 

You were created with greatness in mind and I will assist you to see beyond the reflection that stares back at you in the mirror. You are amazing and worthy of living a life to its fullest! Your current circumstance does NOT define you!!

Let me ask you - Is your weight holding you back from experiences in life and creating memories with those around you? 

Have you ever NOT done something because of how you look and feel? 

Maybe you’ve skipped out on going swimming with your kids because you don’t like how you look in a swimsuit. Or maybe you’ve turned down an opportunity with friends because you weren’t in shape and didn’t have enough energy to climb that mountain, take that hike, or go on that adventurous vacation. 

It’s time to stop living a life of regret and excuses. It’s your time – make your move!

I will give you the steps to take to achieve your wellness goals and ditch the negative thoughts, emotions, and actions that do not serve you or others well.


We will cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time to get you on the fast-track to become Visibly Fit™...GUARANTEED! 

  • You will get a clear vision.

  • You will be given specific steps to reach your health and wellness goals.

  • You will gain freedom: of all the old labels you've put on yourself and the lies you've believed over the years. 

  • You will receive a customized workout plan and tools to follow.

  • You will be given nutritional guidance for best success.

  • You will become an inspiration for others to take action in their own lives to become Visibly Fit™


With Two, 60 minute sessions, and for only $297, you will make radical (but doable) shifts in your life.  GET STARTED TODAY!


I want nothing more than for you to finally live the life you and your family fully deserve! Life is a gift - let's wrap it as beautiful as possible with great health and abundance in all areas! 

YOU CAN and YOU WILL! Says who? Your Coach - Coach Wendie!

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After you book your sessions, you will be sent simple "homework" that will allow our time together to be spent effectively. will have to be very real and bring your authentic self to the session. Breakthroughs only happen when we surrender and DO WHAT?? That's right, you are getting it - believe and trust! 

With Visibly Fit™, excuses will no longer be a crutch to keep you in your current circumstance. If you’re attached to your excuses (oddly may discover that to be the case) then we’ll have the opportunity to peel back the layers of “why.” 

You’ll breakthrough past lies, beliefs and unhealthy habits that have been literally weighing you down for years.

“Your past is heavy and it’s time to move with ease into today by breaking the chain of yesterday.” ~Wendie Pett

What are you waiting for? Let's do this together!!! 


With Two, 60 minute sessions, and for only $297, you will make radical (but doable) shifts in your life.  GET STARTED TODAY!


I can't wait to meet you and coach you to your best health in mind, body, and spirit!


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Here's What Others are Saying:

“Wendie Pett is not only an exceptional model of physical health, she is a phenomenal encouragement coach. No matter what your fitness goals are, she will deliver the perfect recipe of motivation and perseverance to make success happen for you.

I’ve lost 22 pounds, 14 inches and 7.2% body fat using Wendie’s Visibly Fit™ techniques.”

~Susan Zimmerman

"As a fitness expert, Wendie is the whole package — confidant, coach, and cheerleader. Her knowledge is immense, but what really made a difference for me was her caring spirit and constant encouragement.
After decades of struggling with body image issues, Wendie helped me finally face some demons that had been sabotaging past weight loss efforts. There is nothing “gimicky” in her approach — everything is based on sound research, nutrition and timeless exercise principles. But it is how Wendie ties everything together — mind, body and spirit — that makes her one in a million. She has helped fundamentally change the way I see my body, my health, and vitality."  ~Dr. Anne Harbison

Dear Wendie
I want to tell you how much you and Visibly Fit have done for me. I’ve lost 110 lbs. and 65 in. in weight and girth. I’ve gained just as much in youth and recovered movement that I thought I’d lost for good. It feels so good at 68 to be as able as I was 20 years ago. 

Your special exercises, especially the 7X11′s have helped me so much, since I have a long time distaste for weights and gyms. I need no equipment and I can do them anywhere I am. Having a coach has been the greatest benefit of all. Although we’re far apart you coach me and keep me accountable over Skype just as if you were in my home.

I could never have made the progress I have without your coaching and support. Your knowledge and wisdom about health and fitness goes way beyond your years. I owe a debt to you that money can never repay, you’ve always been there leading me past my limitations to higher levels of physical freedom. God bless you.  ~Pete Youell


With Two- 60 minute sessions, and for only $297, you will make radical (but doable) shifts in your life.  GET STARTED TODAY!

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